Vince Camuto

I got these shoes the other day and not going to lie… I’m in love! They might be the most comfortable pair I’ve ever worn. I want them in every color. The heel is a demi-wedge and it’s not too high, but barely gives you a lift so you don’t feel like you’re in flats. I can’t wait to try them out at work. *Affiliate link

Nordstrom Shoe Sale

Wow!! Nordstrom has SO MANY great shoes just put on sale. Check out these beauties! All casual and ready for summer! *Affiliate links

1. So many colors with this Sam Edelman sandal.

2. Another Sam Edelman one… so cute!!

3. Sam Edelman for the win!

4. Sam Edelman one more time!

5. Always a favorite of mine! Steve Madden tennis shoes…

6. These Puma tennis shoes are cute too!

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Amazon Jewels…

OK, not exactly “jewels” but still awesome nonetheless.

These few necklaces are some I have found and LOVE on Amazon. They are not expensive (in fact, they are CHEAP)… so I admit I definitely am very cautious or their durability, or lack of. *Affiliate links

This one is $1.69 with free shipping… NOT a typo – ONE DOLLAR and SIXTY-NINE CENTS (including shipping!!!) and it comes in silver or gold.

This one is pricier at $7.90 but qualifies for Prime, so no shipping cost.

The most expensive one ($8.89) is the popular “Y” style.

Tuesdays with Nordstrom

It’s Tuesday in SUMMER!! That means new sale items at Nordstrom. I might be known for saying that if you can’t get it at Target or Nordstrom it doesn’t exist or you don’t need it. Nordstrom truly can’t be beat. Check out these new sales items… some are already on my wish list. It’s like they are giving them away! *Affiliate links

I have already posted this, but it’s $23!

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.19.50

These AG jeans are the best!! Totally worth the splurge!

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.20.49.png

Articles of Society jeans are incredible… especially for the price. $43!

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.21.11.png

And another pair for $38!

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.22.00.png

Under $10 for this peplum adorable tee!

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.22.26.png

Wit and Wisdom is another awesome brand I recently discovered!  On sale makes them even better!

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.22.48.png

One more by Wit and Wisdom… these are perfect to wear for a casual work look.

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.23.13.png

This Vince Camuto dress is adorable and 40% off… only about $70.

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.23.39

Tons of Vince Camuto pieces on sale!! Check it out here…

Shein… Round 2

Shein (not sure if it’s pronounced “shine” or “she-in”) is a super cheap online site that has amazing deals. I have ordered from them once and always order a size up. The shipping was quick and clothes were decent. It’s up to 90% off and FREE shipping! I need to remember to stay away from white tops… they tend to be sheer. I also only dry-clean the tops I bought, so that might be something to consider, but under $10 for almost everything isn’t a huge investment if things don’t work out.  *Affiliate links

This went right in my cart! $10 for the top and bottom!

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.17.04.png

This kimono is beautiful and only $12. No size guesses since it’s one size fits all!

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.17.27.png

This dress is $12!! Enough said.

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.17.55.png

This blouse is a little pricier ($23), but I have hope that the quality will be on point… I hope my logic proves to be true.

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.18.22.png




More Caslon…

More from Caslon because there are just too many great finds! Check these out too! *Affiliate links

This embroidered top is awesome!

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.12.31.png

These flats are so cute and come in a bunch of colors.

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.13.10

Another embroidered one that is to die for!

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.13.52.png

Buying this RIGHT NOW! Gingham is the new black…

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.14.40.png

I have issues with embroidered peasant tops…

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.15.01.png

Drawstring linen pants… sign me up!!

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.15.24

I love this Maxi skirt because it lies straight down and doesn’t flair out… and stripes… I love stripes.

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.15.46.png

This camo dress!! Adorable! It *might* be a little too loose, but it’s too cute not to try it.

Screenshot 2018-06-27 19.16.07.png

Caslon @ Nordstrom

Caslon has some cute new pieces at Nordstrom. I love this brand! Even without a sale, their prices are pretty reasonable. Sometimes it’s worth shopping at Nordstrom just for their customer service. *Affiliate links

This top is perfect for summer and looks awesome with white!

I want this “Mom Boss” shirt!

Love the side knot on this one!

This shirt is almost the same but only $17.

I love this cap sleeve top too!

This high-low top is the perfect length for booty coverage! 😉

This skirt is adorable!


Clear the Rack… again!

Nordstrom Rack is having their regular “clear the rack” sale and it is pretty awesome! *Affiliate links
Hudson jeans for $56…
This Gibson top is under $10!!
Cole Haan tall boots are totally out of season, but $400 boots for $105 can’t be beat!
This Splendid one-piece bathing suit is $27 and so cute!
I just got this Vince Camuto top in my Trunk Club box… for FULL price. So glad I sent it back! It’s between $26-$34 (depending on color) at the Rack.
Only $9.75 for the cream/coral striped one!
Shop the whole sale here…

Mom Shirts!

Today on Zulily they had some pretty awesome (and true) shirts for us crazy moms! *Affiliate links

Maybe 3 kids ago for me…

Well played, Karma…

They always get in!!

“I will throw those toys away!”

Who are these kids???


Tabs open in my brain…